segunda-feira, 23 de julho de 2012

A walk in the rain

She was walking fast, and observing the path ahead of her. The leaves fell at such a beautiful pace, they almost accompanied the song coming out of the radio.
She smiled and wondered if she’d see him, once again, walking down the same road.
She had attempted to dress up. They had been accidentally meeting for a month now. He didn´t know how much in love with him she was.
The wind made a strange noise and a new song started. She didn´t know this song, she wasn´t sure she liked it.
Someone ran across her and she smiled in recognition but continued walking ahead. In front of her a beautiful old tree seamed dead, the leaves were long gone. But a white owl watched her walk.
For a few seconds she dreamed of other, more beautiful worlds, were there was no pain and suffering.
She felt something cold on her shoulder. The sun was still up, but it seemed to have started raining. Soft tears from heaven.
She had not brought an umbrella. Nor a cape. But she was already wet, there was no point in going home now.
But there was no more hope of seeing him. He would not come while it was raining, and she could not come tomorrow.
She told herself to maintain focus and once again looked ahead, once again a new song started. This time she knew the song, this one she liked. It was old and rusty, and it made people cry, it was comfortable and reliable.
She decided she should run. That way she wouldn’t get so wet. Not that she wasn´t wet already.
She didn´t run for long, and decided to sit in one of the benches. The rain and the sun had created a rainbow over the mountain East of the village. It covered the tallest tree and the tallest building. It brought colour to the sky.
It was beautiful and the rain stopped anyone from seeing her cry.
She turned the volume up and waited for the familiar song to die. Softly she sang to no one and hoped only heaven would hear her.
When a new song started she decided to go back. And when she looked up, there he was.
His face was wet – was it the rain or was he crying too?
He had been running, she could see.
He had flowers in his hands, they were wet and forgotten. He slowly gave them to her.
She smiled and he sat by her side.
He slowly took her headphones off and kissed her. She had been singing aloud and hadn´t realized.

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