terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2011

Mary Bennet Drabbles

of course, I am no Jane Austen, so this is merely fanfiction.

Mary Bennet reflects


Mary Bennet watched from afar as her family danced. Lizzie seemed far off in a world of her own today. Even as she danced, she didn´t seem to focus as much on everyone around her as she usually did.

Like Mary, Lizzie was an observer. She watched all around her. But today something seemed to trouble her. Mary Bennet wondered if her sister’s sudden lack of interest on the exercise of dancing had any relation to the recent visit to Kent.

Jane’s sadness was easily explained. When Charles Bingley left Netherfield he had taken her sister’s heart with him. Their mother’s constant reminders were of no help, off course. But Lizzie had no reason to be so thoughtful, or so Mary imagined.

Resolved to observe her older sister on every possible occasion and understand her almost forlorn appearance, Mary resumed her reading and forgot the loud sounds that circled her.

---------------------------<3 ---------------------------------

Kitty and Lydia were laughing again. ‘They never go to sleep at a decent hour!’ thought Mary.  And even if Mary had given up sleep all together, and found a book to read, still she could not concentrate on the wise words of the written kind, as her sisters constant giggles would not allow her.

Mary wished she could share a room with Lizzie and Jane. She was certain their conversations would be much more interesting.

---------------------------<3 ---------------------------------

The wedding was beautiful. Enjoying once again the moment of silence the end of the ceremony had brought the middle Bennet sister could reflect a little.  Mary had walked in with her sisters and had been able to participate on the celebration as a witness. She was very glad both her older sisters had given her that honor. Of course, Kitty had not been forgotten either. Now, the fun part (in Mary´s opinion, that is) was over and they would go to the wedding breakfast.

 Her mother had been full of the preparations for some time. Nothing could be wrong for the double wedding. The middle sister – now the official Miss Bennet – wondered if her mother would worry as much if she ever came to wed.

Lizzie had promised to take Mary to Pemberley and the young girl could not wait. She had heard much of the state’s library and she wished she could partake in it. “Would Mr. Darcy own a fine edition of Fordyce´s Sermons?” Surely Pemberley possessed not only that but many other great books for her to read.

Her mother interrupted her thoughts reminding her that Mary had to enter the carriage, and once again the noise of the Bennet family engulfed her and she could no longer concentrate on her own thoughts.