terça-feira, 19 de julho de 2011

a moment

She had closed her eyes for just a moment and it seemed that now everything had changed for her. Had she really just done that, had she really told him how she felt?

 Despite the fear, she had managed to contain her trembling hands and she had kissed him, showing him with actions what her words had not been able to fully explain.

But could he understand her? Had he fully comprehended just how important he was for her? Had he realized that she could not leave without him?

A few moments of blissful happiness was all she got before he left her, once again empty. He had not understood and he would never understand.

She was lonely without him but his presence did not guarantee her happiness, he could not understand her, he could not truly see her. He was not right for her and she knew that.

But she did not know how to extract herself in the same way as she did not know how to tell him how she felt. And moments like this were lost. He’d continue living life in its daily beauties and she would continue to love and dream of a more beautiful tomorrow.