sexta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2012

Short Story: Peace/Love Conference

What was wrong with her? Her mind kept consuming all energy she had, even when she was wide awake. He had made a fool of her and she still wished him close at all times. Mostly, she wanted him close when it hurt, even if he was the reason for most of her pain, even if he was probably why she had forgotten how to behave, how to breathe, how to stand among the crowd that now stared at her waiting for an answer she could not give.

How long had passed since his arrival she was not positive. It certainly had not been as many as she had felt in her heart. He had caused all this - his greed, his hunger for power and money. She had tried to warn him against his own actions, but instead of seeing her, all he saw was an opponent to his gain. 

He had made her feel like a child, lost and looking for someone else to explain what she had done wrong. She could not explain why he was so blind to what he was doing. All the deaths he caused because he wanted a little land. All the tears in small children’s faces all because he believed in something they did not. 

Yet she loved him. She thought he could once again see the light. She knew him so well, she believed he still could realize that he had to stop and admit he was wrong. He needed to retreat and allow others to fix all the wrong he had done. 

She only wished she was brave enough to inform him, once again, of that.

She closed her eyes and spoke, like a prayer to those around her, words of wisdom. Her heart allowed her a minute of calmness as she spoke, and she refused to look at his approving yet condescending stare. 

The crowd applauded. They believed in peace and equality as much as she did. She tried to avoid a glance at his position, but she could not stop her own body from moving. Her hand had glued itself to the table and she slowly sat, looking down but feeling a dozen eyes upon her.

She could not sense him. She felt relieved. The way she felt when he was close did not allow her to fell dignified. And he shouldn’t even be here. It was his entire fault! His bad decisions had caused this war. He should have been kept away while they decided how to solve it. Especially since he doesn’t think it should end. 

And she looked once again at his figure. His long dark hair had grown even more and she liked that. But she had to focus. A resolution had been made. No more war.  No more him. Reason and peace would win this war. And she would not allow her heart to triumph. Much better men then he could come - men that would not break her and cause destruction on everything else.

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